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New Force Gurkha interior, features revealed

New Force Gurkha

New Gurkha will come in more creature comforts and big touchscreen

Check out the new and improved interior of the upcoming Force Gurkha! They’re adding some cool new stuff like a larger touchscreen and extra comfy features. The updated Gurkha is set to hit the market soon, coming in both 3-door and 5-door versions. Even though they’ve only given us a peek at the 5-door model so far, it’s safe to assume the 3-door will have similar features.


  1. The Gurkha 5-door model will now offer seating for seven people instead of the previous configuration.
  2. Comes with a modern dashboard screen, a big touch panel, and an automatic engine stop-start feature.
  3. Safety kit comes packed with features like traction control, hill assist, TPMS, and additional functionalities to keep you secure on the road

Updated Force Gurkha interior highlights 2024

From the sneak peek, it’s clear that the design inside the car looks a lot like the old version, with a few changes. There’s now a storage area with a cover above the new touchscreen entertainment system, which seems to be bigger than the 7.0-inch screen in the old model. Also, the digital display in front of the driver is similar to what Renault uses, but it seems to show more stuff.

New Force Gurkha

The pictures taken by spies already confirmed that the Gurkha 5-door version has seats for seven people. And now, the company’s teaser shows that there’s a bench in the middle row and two special seats in the back row. Other parts, like the steering wheel and seats, are the same as the old model.

This statement describes the similarities and differences between the new and old versions of a car. It mentions changes in the dashboard layout, the size of the touchscreen, and the type of seats available. It also notes that some features, like the steering wheel and seats, remain unchanged.

New Force Gurkha 2024: Features and safety

The teaser also revealed another cool feature: the shift-on-the-fly 4WD system. Instead of the old-school lever that was a bit of a hassle, now you can switch between 2WD and 4WD with ease. They’ve cleverly placed the controls on the opposite side of the power window buttons, near the gear lever of the 5-speed manual. And don’t worry, the diff-lock handles are still right where you’d expect them, just a bit ahead of the gear shift.

The updated digital dashboard in the new Gurkha SUV tells us that it’s packed with more cool gadgets and safety gear. Now, it’s not just about fancy displays; there’s practical stuff too. Imagine having a system that monitors the pressure of every tire, including the spare one hanging on the back! That’s usually a feature reserved for top-notch SUVs like the Land Rover Defender. Plus, the Gurkha isn’t stopping there. Alongside the basics like airbags and parking sensors, it’s stepping up its game with traction control and hill assist. So, not only will you be cruising in style, but you’ll also have peace of mind knowing you’ve got some serious safety backup.

Force Gurkha 2024:  Mechanism

there are a few small adjustments when it comes to how the vehicle works. The engine, which comes from Mercedes and is a 2.6-liter diesel, and the 5-speed manual gearbox remain the same. However, there’s a new feature called auto start-stop. This feature is designed to automatically turn off the engine when the vehicle comes to a stop, like at a traffic light, and then restart it when you press the accelerator. This should help the new Gurkha use less fuel.

the updated SUV now includes something called AdBlue. AdBlue is a special fluid that helps reduce harmful emissions from the exhaust. This addition is to make sure the vehicle meets certain environmental standards, specifically the BS6 Phase II norms.

New Force Gurkha 2024 : Pricing and Competitors

Basically, with all the new stuff they’re adding, you can bet that the Gurkha 3-door is going to cost more than the old version, which started at around Rs 15.10 lakh (not including taxes and stuff). And since the 5-door has even more features, it’s going to be pricier still—probably around Rs 1 lakh to Rs 1.5 lakh more.

At launch, the 5-door will only rival the Maruti Jimny (Rs 12.74 lakh-14.79 lakh), however, with Mahindra’s Thar 5-door launch also imminent, it will be a more direct rival. The Thar may come with the Thar Armada moniker and arrive by the middle of this year with an expected price of Rs 16 lakh, ex-showroom. The Gurkha 3-door will face-off against standard Mahindra Thar.

When it first comes out, the 5-door version will only really compete with the Maruti Jimny, which costs between Rs 12.74 lakh and Rs 14.79 lakh. But soon, Mahindra is launching its own 5-door Thar, which will be a closer competitor. They might call it the Thar Armada, and it’s expected to hit the market around the middle of this year, priced at around Rs 16 lakh. The Gurkha 3-door will still be up against the regular Mahindra Thar. So, basically, the 5-door version will start by competing with the Maruti Jimny, but once Mahindra releases its 5-door Thar, they’ll be more direct rivals. The Gurkha 3-door will still compete with the regular Mahindra Thar as before.

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