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Apache RTR 160 Mileage, Price List

Apache RTR 160 Mileage

The TVS Apache RTR 160 Mileage is impressive, which have been a favorite among motorcycle enthusiasts for its blend of style, performance, and fuel efficiency. With its powerful engine and sporty design, it’s no surprise that riders often want to know about its mileage capabilities. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the Apache RTR 160’s mileage and explore factors that can affect it.

At the heart of the TVS Apache RTR 160 lies its powerful engine. The bike typically comes with a 159.7cc single-cylinder, air-cooled engine. While there are variations in different model years, the engine is known for its excellent balance between power and fuel efficiency. The Apache RTR 160 can generate an impressive amount of power, and that’s not just for speed enthusiasts; it also contributes to its overall mileage.

TVS Apache RTR 160 delivers a mileage of around 45 to 50 kilometres per litre (kmpl).

The TVS Apache RTR 160 is a fantastic motorcycle that strikes a balance between power and efficiency. While it offers a decent mileage of around 45 to 50 kmpl on average, it’s crucial to remember that several factors can influence the actual mileage you get. By adopting good riding practices, maintaining your bike properly, and considering the factors mentioned above, you can make the most of this incredible machine and enjoy a fulfilling riding experience while optimizing your fuel efficiency.

Apache RTR 160 Mileage Variant, Features, Price List 2023

VariantEngine Displacement (cc)Notable Features  Price Range (INR)
TVS Apache RTR 160 4V159.7LED Headlamp, Digital Console, Disc Brakes₹1,20,000 – ₹1,30,000 (approx)
TVS Apache RTR 180 4V177.4Slipper Clutch, Disc Brakes₹1,30,000 – ₹1,35,000 (approx)
TVS Apache RTR 200 4V197.75Dual-Channel ABS, Racing Graphics₹1,40,000 – ₹1,50,000 (approx)
Please note:

These prices of Apache RTR may vary based on location and time.

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