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Aston Martin’s DBX SUV has a fresh inside and will now only come in the 707 version.

Aston Martin DBX SUV

Besides cutting down the types of DBX models available, Aston Martin has made the inside of the SUV better and made some small changes to the outside too.

Aston Martin has made big changes to its DBX SUV. Inside, there’s lots of new technology, and you can only get the top-of-the-line version with 707 horsepower now. They stopped making the weaker 550hp version because most people were buying the powerful one. This new version has sold really well, making up about two-thirds of all DBX sales in 2023 and still doing great in 2024.

In China, they stopped selling the hybrid version of the DBX because people there want different types of engines now. They’re not planning to sell an electric version worldwide anytime soon.

Here are the main highlights for the DBX 707 in 2024:

1.           The dashboard has a bigger screen for the driver and a touchscreen in the middle.

2.           There’s a new logo on the outside, and you can choose from some new paint colors.

3.           They tweaked the suspension and steering to make the driving experience better.

The new DBX will start being delivered to customers in May, and it will cost a bit more than before. The inside looks more like the DB12 and Vantage now, with a nicer setup and fewer old Mercedes parts. There are more buttons and switches, which the company says make it easier to use while driving.

The outside changes are more subtle. There’s a new logo, and different paint options, and the door handles now come out automatically when you get close to the car. The wheels are bigger too.

Underneath, they improved how the car responds and handles by adjusting the suspension and steering. The powerful engine and gearbox are the same, along with the all-wheel-drive system. In India, the regular DBX came out in 2021, and then they introduced the 707 version in 2022. We’re not sure if the updated 707 will come to India, but if it does, it’ll cost around Rs 5 crore.

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