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New Bajaj Pulsar NS400 revealed before it officially launched.

Bajaj Pulsar NS400

The NS400 is a lot like the NS200, but it’s got some important differences.

So, guess what? Some sneak peek images of the upcoming Bajaj Pulsar NS400 have made their way online, just before the big launch! These pictures are giving us a good look at what we can anticipate from this new bike. Remember how we mentioned before that it’s going to be an evolutionary change? Well, these leaked images pretty much confirm that. There are quite a few similarities to the current Pulsar NS design, which is pretty cool to see!


  • The Pulsar NS400 is getting a cool new headlight style.
  • The bike has the same 373cc engine as the Dominar 400.
  • The prices will be shown on May 3, 2024.

The new Bajaj Pulsar NS400 is on its way, and it’s bringing some cool updates! Lets throw lights on them one by one

First off, check out those slick headlights! They’ve got this awesome single projector and big lightning bolt-style LED daytime running lights on each side. It’s a real head-turner! Also, the tank extensions and radiator shrouds have got a makeover, so the bike’s looking fresher than ever.

Under the hood, or should I say, under the fairing, you’ll find the same engine as the Bajaj Dominar 400 – a 373cc powerhouse. That means you can expect similar performance numbers: around 40 horsepower and 35 Newton-meters of torque. They might tweak it a bit, but it’ll still pack a punch.

The rest of the bike is pretty much like its sibling, the Pulsar NS200. Same split-seat setup, tail section, and grab handles. The tires will probably be the same as the Dominar’s, but they’re going with a simpler steel swingarm instead of the fancier aluminum one.

Now, here’s the cool part – they haven’t skimped on features! You’ll get adjustable brake and clutch levers, and there’s talk of a fancy new digital display with Bluetooth connectivity. Plus, they’re throwing in switchable ABS and traction control for good measure.

Exciting stuff, right? The official launch is on May 3, so mark your calendars and stay tuned for all the juicy details and prices. Keep an eye on our website and social media – we’ll have all the scoop for you!

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