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Maruti Suzuki features, fuel efficiency, engine specs, are leaked.

The latest Swift has a brand-new 1.2-liter three-cylinder Z Series engine. Also it comes with a bunch more cool stuff and safety gear compared to the older model.

The new Maruti Swift is getting ready to hit the roads soon, and people are getting excited! Just yesterday, they started taking bookings for it. And guess what? We’re learning even more cool stuff about this new car before it officially launches in about a week. Some sneaky pictures of the brochure got leaked, showing us some interesting details. Like, we now know how powerful the engine is and how much fuel it uses. Plus, we got confirmation on what features and safety stuff will be included in the fanciest version of the car. Exciting stuff, right?


  1. The brand-new Maruti Swift is said to give you about 25.72 kilometers per liter of fuel.
  2. The special 1.2-liter engine in India’s version of the car produces 82 horsepower and 112 Newton-meters of torque.
  3. All new Swift cars will come with six airbags as a standard feature.

Maruti Swift fuel-efficiency and engine specs

We said before that the new Swift car will have a different engine called the Z Series instead of the old one called the K Series. This new engine is supposed to be better at using fuel, and now a leaked brochure shows that this is true. The old Swift could go about 22.38 kilometers on a liter of fuel, but the new one claims it can go about 25.72 kilometers, which is more than 3 kilometers extra. We’re not sure if this number is for the manual or automatic version of the new Swift. Also, we don’t know if the new Swift will have a type of automatic gearbox called AMT like the old one, or a different type called a torque converter. But it’s likely to be AMT because the fancier Baleno car has that.

The new engine makes a bit less power than the old one – 82 horsepower instead of 90, and 112 Newton-meters of torque instead of 113. We’ll have to wait and see how this affects the car’s performance. Like before, there might be a version of the new Swift that runs on CNG, but we might have to wait for that.

Maruti Suzuka

latest Maruti Swift has some cool new features and safety equipment.

The leaked brochure shows that the upcoming Swift car will have more cool features than the current one. The fancy versions will have a big 9-inch screen for music and stuff, a fancy sound system, a charger that doesn’t need wires, air vents in the back, and special USB ports. Maruti also made the safety stuff better; every Swift will have six airbags, no matter which one you pick. The fancier ones will even have cool LED fog lights. We’ll find out more soon about the different versions of the Swift and how much they’ll cost. Keep an eye out for updates if you’re interested in

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