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TVS Raider 125 VS Hero Xtreme 125R comparison

These bikes are both practical for everyday use and look nice, like more expensive ones. We’ll help you decide which one is best for you.

The TVS Raider was the first 125cc bike to show that you can have a bike that’s good for getting around town and is affordable, but still fun and cool. It was so good that it won our Bike of the Year award in 2021, and lots of people started buying it quickly. It was such a hit that now Hero is making a bike, the Xtreme 125R, that follows a similar idea.


When it comes to looking like a high-end bike, the Xtreme beats the Raider. It has a tough-looking headlight, a shaped fuel tank, big side covers, and a sporty tail. You might think it’s a 160cc bike because it looks so good. The Raider is stylish too, but it seems a bit smaller next to the Xtreme. Both bikes are better than regular 125cc bikes. They have LED lights, digital displays, good controls, rear suspension, and 5 gears.

The special thing about the Hero is that it’s the only bike in its group with the choice of single-channel ABS brakes, which is great. But the Raider offers more features, like two riding modes, a system that stops the engine when you’re not moving, a quiet start, and a USB charger. The top model of the Raider even has a fancy display that connects to Bluetooth.

The fancy display on the Raider looks nice, but it’s a bit slow and the gear indicator isn’t always right. Also, it keeps showing safety messages when you stop, which can get annoying. You can’t turn this off, but if you connect to your phone, you’ll see sports or news instead.

If you like simple bikes, you might prefer the basic model with a simple display. The Hero has a similar display to the Xtreme, but it can be hard to see in bright sunlight.


Both engines in the bikes are the same strength at 11.4 horsepower. But the Raider has a bit more twisting power and reaches its highest strength and twisting power at lower engine speeds. This, combined with what seems like shorter gearing, makes the Raider faster when starting from a stop in our tests. It also has a more interesting sound with a deeper, bass-like noise from its exhaust. The Hero catches up by being even smoother than the already smooth Raider.

It feels more relaxed when going fast on highways. This engine is better if you spend a lot of time at higher speeds. Both bikes can go just over 100 kilometers per hour, but the Hero’s speedometer is a bit off. In the city, the Raider is better because it has more twisting power and feels lighter on its wheels. It’s also more efficient in the city, using less fuel per kilometer compared to the Hero.

However, the Hero does better on the highway when it comes to fuel efficiency. The TVS bike has different riding modes. The “Eco” mode lowers the engine speed a bit, which means the top speed is capped at 95 kilometers per hour. We didn’t notice much of a difference in power when switching to “Power” mode, but it does turn off the Start-Stop system. This system usually works well, but you might want to turn it off in heavy traffic because it keeps trying to turn the engine off and on.


When it comes to how comfortable the ride feels, the Hero bike feels soft and comfy when you’re going slow, but the Raider is better at handling bumpy roads when you speed up past 40kph.

Both bikes look sporty and mature, and they handle well. The Raider feels light and easy to maneuver, while the Xtreme feels more like a high-quality commuter bike in the 150-160cc range. Its wider tires and extra weight make it feel more stable and grown-up. Plus, it stops faster in our braking tests.


Both bikes cost about the same, between Rs 95,000 to a little over Rs 1 lakh, depending on which model you choose. Deciding between them is tough because they’re so similar and I like them both. You’d be happy with either one. But here’s the deal: If you want a bike that looks and feels bigger, go for the Hero. It also comes with ABS and is better for longer rides at higher speeds.

On the other hand, the Raider is faster and uses less fuel in the city. It’s also more comfortable and has more features. The Raider is best for city riding, which is what these bikes are made for. So, even though I enjoyed the Xtreme just as much, the Raider wins in this comparison because it’s better suited for city riding. Both companies should be praised for making such great bikes that are also practical to buy. This is how premium commuter bikes should be in the future.

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