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New Electric Range Rover Prototype Unveiled

Electric Range Rover

JLR is trying out the Range Rover EV in the freezing Arctic Circle.

The new electric Range Rover is almost ready! They’ve shown us a prototype, and it’s in the last round of testing before it officially launches worldwide later this year. They’re planning to sell it in many countries, including India. People are already excited about it, and there’s a waiting list you can join if you want to get your hands on one. Lots of folks have already signed up – more than 16,000 people showed interest in just a couple of months!


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What’s in the Pictures of the Range Rover EV Prototype?

Some new pictures just came out showing Jaguar Land Rover’s second electric car being tested in the super cold Arctic Circle. They’ve been working on this car for about a year, doing tests on its parts and even testing it in virtual simulations. In the Arctic, where it gets crazy cold, like -40 degrees Celsius (-40 degrees Fahrenheit), they’re putting the car through its paces. What’s interesting is that they’re not covering up the car with camouflage like they usually do. Jaguar Land Rover says they’re doing this to show off how well the first versions of the car are made.

The new electric Range Rover prototype is painted all black and doesn’t have the special matt trim that was suggested before for electric models. It looks almost exactly like the regular Range Rover that’s been around since 2022.

JLR, the company making the Range Rover, says these new pictures show that the prototype still keeps the Range Rover’s style, even though it’s electric. They’re saying that the electric Range Rover will only have small differences compared to the regular ones with gas or hybrid engines.

Mercedes-Benz is doing something similar with their electric version of the G-Class, which they’re showing at the Beijing motor show. It’s expected to look a lot like the regular G-Class that runs on fuel.

Right now, the main focus for the electric Range Rover is testing how well its gearbox, electric motors, and electronics work in really tough conditions. JLR is proud to say that this is the first car to have a battery and electric drive unit made by them.

What more do we know about the Range Rover electric prototype?

So, we don’t have all the fancy technical details yet, but we do know a few things. This new Range Rover Electric is going to use a special 800V charging system, which is pretty cool. Also, it’s likely going to have two motors instead of one, which means it can handle tough terrain better and might have some neat features like torque vectoring to make off-road driving even easier.

They’re going to build this electric Range Rover in Solihull, UK, right alongside the regular versions that use a mix of gas and electric power. At first, they’ll use batteries made by another company, but eventually, they’ll start making their own batteries at a big new factory in Somerset.

JLR plans to make electric cars in India at a brand-new Chennai factory

Tata Motors made a deal with the Tamil Nadu government to invest Rs 9,000 crore in the state. They plan to build an electric vehicle (EV) plant, probably in Ranipet. Rumors suggest they might use this plant to make Jaguar Land Rover EVs. Also, there’s talk that Tata could move some production of regular cars from Jaguar Land Rover to India. This move could happen because making traditional car engines might become harder in the EU and UK due to new laws.

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