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The Ducati DesertX Rally is out now for Rs 23.7 lakh.

This one’s the tough, rough-and-ready version of the already super capable Ducati DesertX, and it costs 5.4 lakh rupees more.

The Ducati DesertX is known as one of the top off-road bikes in the middleweight ADV category. But Ducati didn’t stop there. Last year, they went even further by introducing the DesertX Rally. And now, this awesome bike is available in India too!


  • DesertX Rally now has better suspension for smoother rides over rough terrain.
  • The seat is 91 centimeters high.
  • It’s got the same engine and electronics as the DesertX.

The DesertX Rally has some really impressive features, especially its suspension. It’s top-notch stuff from a company called Kayaba, which also makes the suspension for the regular bike. The front fork, which is the part that absorbs bumps, can now travel 250mm, which is 20mm more than before. And the rear shock, another part that helps with bumps, can be adjusted too. It can handle both high and low-speed bumps. The back of the bike can now go up to 240mm, also 20mm more than before. That means the bike sits higher off the ground, now at 280mm. So, the seat is higher too, now at 910mm.

To make sure the wheels are strong enough for rough terrain, Ducati switched to stronger spoked wheels with tubed tires. This change also reduces the chance of damaging the spokes. They also added some nice touches like adjustable brake and gear pedals, and fancy front fork clamps. Plus, there’s an Ohlins steering damper to help with stability.

Ducati DesertX

This bike is like a dirt bike that got superpowers. It’s really capable. But, it’s also heavier now, weighing 211kg without fuel. Add in the 21-liter fuel tank, and it’s around 225 kilos when fully fueled. Everything else is pretty much the same as the regular DesertX, like the electronic rider assists and the 937cc engine that gives out 110hp.

But here’s the catch: It’s expensive. The regular DesertX already costs a lot at Rs 18.3 lakh, and the Rally version bumps it up to Rs 23.7 lakh. That’s even more expensive than the base Multistrada V4 by Rs 2.4 lakh. So, it’s really for someone who’s willing to spend a lot on a top-of-the-line bike.

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