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Hyundai plans to start making the Creta EV. Starting toward the end of 2024

It seems like the electric version of the Creta might hit the Indian market before Maruti’s eVX gets there.

Right now, Hyundai is really working hard on testing the Creta EV. They’ve been spotted testing prototypes a few times in the past few months. It looks like the Hyundai Creta EV might hit the market in India before one of its main competitors, the Maruti Suzuki eVX, gets there.


  • Selling the Creta EV in India will start at the beginning of 2025.
  • The release of the Maruti eVX has been pushed back a bit, so it won’t be coming out as soon as expected.
  • The Creta electric car will compete against the Tata Curvv EV and the MG ZS EV.

When is the Hyundai Creta EV coming out?

Hyundai Motor India says they’re getting ready to make lots of Creta EVs at their factory in Chennai by the end of this year. They’re planning to show it off to the whole world in 2025. But it seems like Maruti Suzuki’s eVX SUV might take a bit longer to hit the roads. Our insiders tell us that instead of starting production in September 2024 like they planned, Maruti might not get going until at least February 2025. So, it looks like Hyundai will beat Maruti to the punch with their first electric car for regular folks in India.

How far can the Hyundai Creta EV go on a single charge? What kind of battery does it use, and how powerful is its motor?

The Creta EV will have a smaller battery, about 45kWh, compared to the MG ZS EV and the upcoming Maruti eVX, which have bigger batteries (50.3kWh and 48-60kWh respectively). Our sources say the Creta EV will use the same electric motor found in the basic model of the new-gen Kona EV sold abroad. This motor, placed in the front, is expected to generate around 138hp and 255Nm torque. Recent spy shots also reveal a charging port on the front, similar to the one on the Kona Electric.

Hyundai Creta EV

What makes the Hyundai Creta EV different from the regular ICE Creta?

The new Creta EV will look pretty much like the regular Creta from the outside, but with some cool tweaks like a different grille, new bumpers, and fancy wheels to make it stand out. Inside, it’ll have a new steering wheel and a redesigned center console. The infotainment system and instrument cluster will probably stay the same, but there might be some extra features added. Plus, it’s expected to come with Hyundai’s Level 2 ADAS suite for extra safety. It’s not just competing with the Maruti eVX, but also with the MG ZS EV and the upcoming Tata Curvv EV.

Hyundai’s teaming up with Exide Industries to make batteries locally in India, which could mean better prices for their EVs. After the Creta EV, they’re planning to release a smaller EV in 2026, but we don’t know much about that yet. While they’re really focusing on EVs, they’re also thinking about introducing hybrid cars down the line.

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