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Volkswagen just unveiled a new electric SUV-coupe

Volkswagen electric SUV-coupe

The company’s CEO, Thomas Schafer, mentioned that they’re working with Chinese partners to develop these new EVs.

Highlights :-

  1. New electric SUV-coupe concept called the ID.Code before the Beijing motor show.
  2. This concept car gives us a peek into Volkswagen’s future EVs designed specifically for China.
  3. It features cool window animations and headlights that blink uniquely.

The ID.Code concept brings a fresh look to Volkswagen’s electric lineup, targeting younger buyers in China. Volkswagen’s design chief, Andreas Mindt, described the car as modern and expressive, with a design that’s quite different from their current models.

Exterior highlights

The front of the ID.Code looks sleek, with fancy headlights and no traditional grille. It has a long hood, a slanted windshield, and a curved roof, giving it a more classic car shape compared to their current electric models. The car also sits on wide tracks with big wheels, giving it a sturdy stance.

Interior Highlights

Inside, the ID.Code offers advanced features like AI-powered infotainment and semi-autonomous driving capabilities. There’s even a nifty avatar that shows up on the window, giving you info about traffic and weather as you approach the car.

While this design is mainly for China, Volkswagen is considering how it might influence future models for Europe too. They’re planning to expand their electric lineup in China, aiming for 16 models by 2030, with five of them falling under the ID UX range. They’re not forgetting about traditional cars either, with plans to introduce more petrol and plug-in hybrid models in China.

In terms of technology, Volkswagen is teaming up with Chinese companies to develop features like autonomous driving and infotainment systems. Overall, the ID.Code concept signals Volkswagen’s commitment to electrification and their focus on the Chinese market.

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