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The Force Gurkha is back, with stronger engine of 140 horsepower!

The Gurkha is back after more than a year, and it’s got some big new features and some small but important design tweaks.

Hey folks! Big news in the car world – Force Motors has brought back their SUV, the Gurkha, after it being off the shelves for over a year. And guess what? It’s got some awesome updates!

First off, now you can choose between two styles – a 3-door or a 5-door version. Plus, they’ve given it a fresh new look and added a bunch of cool features. But the best part? They’ve dropped in a more powerful engine that meets all the emission rules. The reason it was gone for so long? Well, the old engine didn’t meet the new, stricter emission standards. But now, with a Mercedes engine and some AdBlue magic, it’s good to go!


  • The new Gurkha has a stronger engine, now with 140 horsepower and 320 Newton-meters of torque. Plus, it comes with auto start-stop technology.
  • The Gurkha 5-door has a wheelbase that’s 425mm longer than the 3-door version.
  • Both cars have shiny new 18-inch wheels, a big 9-inch touchscreen, and a cool digital instrument cluster.

Now the Force Gurkha is 50 percent stronger than before!

The new Gurkha, whether it’s the 3-door or 5-door version, now runs on a Mercedes-made 2.6-liter diesel engine. It’s the same one as before but it’s got more power now – a 50 percent boost! That means it pumps out 140 horsepower, which is 49 horses more than the old model. And the torque, that’s the twisting power, has gone up too – now it’s at 320Nm. This puts the Gurkha ahead in the power game compared to the Mahindra Thar. The Thar’s got a smaller engine – 2.2 liters – and it makes 132 horsepower and 300Nm of torque. So, the Gurkha’s got more muscle under the hood.

But here’s the thing, while the Thar offers an automatic gearbox, the Gurkha sticks with a 5-speed manual transmission as standard. They’ve added a cool feature though – an auto start-stop system. This should help save some fuel when you’re idling, making the Gurkha more efficient on the road.

Force Gurkha

The Force Gurkha 5-door and 3-door designs look almost exactly the same.

The Gurkha keeps its familiar boxy look, staying true to its style. Whether you pick the 3-door or 5-door version, you’ll notice the round LED headlights that can bend around corners and stay on when you need them. They’re joined by daytime running lights and a two-slat grille at the front, proudly displaying the Gurkha name.

Now, let’s talk about size. The 5-door Gurkha has a longer wheelbase at 2,825mm, making room for those extra back doors. Overall, it’s 425mm longer and 15mm taller than the 3-door version. Plus, it needs a bit more space to turn with a 6.3m radius, compared to the 3-door’s 5.5m. But when it comes to other measurements like overhangs, water wading ability, departure angle, rampover angle, and gradability, both versions are pretty much the same.

The new Gurkha rolls on bigger 18-inch alloy wheels now, wrapped in 255/65 R18 tires, a step up from the old 16-inch ones. As for the back, you’ll find vertical LED tail-lights, a spare wheel mounted on the tailgate, and a ladder for reaching the roof rack. And if you’re thinking about colors, you’ve got four choices: green, red, white, and black. So whether you prefer the 3-door or the 5-door, the updated Gurkha brings some cool changes while keeping its rugged charm intact.

Force Gurkha

The insides of the Force Gurkha are fancier now, with lots more cool features.

The inside of the Gurkha looks a lot like the older version, but there are some cool updates. Now, there’s a bigger touchscreen for the infotainment system, going from 7.0 inches to 9.0 inches. This means you can connect your iPhone or Android phone easily. Plus, there’s a fancy digital screen for the instruments, electrically adjustable side mirrors, and you can adjust the steering wheel up and down. They’ve also added a camera at the back to help with parking, and a system that tells you if your tires need more air, even the spare one on the back.

For safety, they’ve put in airbags in the front and seat belts that strap you in tight. There’s even a knob you can turn to switch between two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive, right next to the driver’s seat. And if you need extra traction, you can lock the differentials manually just like before.

If you’re going for the 3-door version, you’ll have room for four people. But if you pick the 5-door one, you can fit seven people! The middle row has a bench, and the back row has two separate seats, like a captain’s chair.

The Force Gurkha competes closely with other fancy SUVs in its league.

The Gurkha 3-door is still competing with the Mahindra Thar. And soon, there will be a 5-door version of the Gurkha, joining the segment where the Mahindra Thar Armada (Thar 5-door) is making its way in. Plus, the Gurkha also has to contend with the Maruti Suzuki Jimny. If you’re eyeing the Gurkha, here’s a sweet deal: Force Motors is throwing in a 3-year/1.5 lakh km warranty. That means you get four free services and 1-year free roadside assistance. Nice, right?

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