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New Kia Clavis equipped with ADAS and panoramic sunroof.

Kia Clavis

Clavis is going to fit right in the middle of Kia’s cars in India, between the Sonet and Seltos.

Kia’s soon-to-be-released small SUV, rumoured to fit snugly between the compact Sonet and the larger Seltos, has been spotted undergoing tests in India once more. The latest spy photos from Hyderabad reveal various features and design elements that will come with the SUV.


  1. the fancy version of the Kia Clavis will come equipped with smart driving assistance features and sensors at the front to help with parking.
  2. You can spot digital displays and entertainment systems resembling those found in the Seltos.
  3. They are getting a big sunroof and LED lights are definitely happening.

Safety features of Kia Clavis

The recent sneak peek pictures confirm what we’ve already noticed about the new compact SUV’s design – it’s got a solid, boxy look with the wheels placed at the far corners. Plus, the pictures also reveal some safety features that will come with it. You can spot a radar device at the front, hinting that it’ll likely have advanced driving assistance systems (ADAS), along with front parking sensors. There are more safety features expected too, like six airbags, ABS brakes, a 360-degree camera, a system to monitor tire pressure, and rear disc brakes. We didn’t see these in the spy shots, but they’re anticipated to be there.

Kia Clavis creature comforts and features

The latest pictures of the Clavis reveal some cool features like a wide sunroof, roof rails, and sleek LED lights, similar to what you’d find on newer Kia SUVs. Inside, it’s got a digital instrument panel similar to the Seltos and a big touchscreen for the infotainment system, probably around 10.25 inches. The wheels look sharp with their diamond-cut design, probably 16 inches in size, and they’re supposed to be fitted with MRF tires, although the exact size hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Kia plans to include some fancy features in their highest-tier car models. These might include seats that can be cooled down or adjusted automatically, different driving settings for various road conditions, a system to help with keeping the car stable, a way to control the temperature inside the car, seats covered with a leather-like material for a fancy look, and a high-quality sound system made by Bose, along with some other extras.

Kia Clavis engine, transmission, and related components.

This is saying that the Clavis car will be offered with two kinds of engines: one that uses petrol and another that’s electric. The electric version will probably come out a bit later than the petrol one. Both types will have the same basic structure, and they might make a hybrid version too, later on. But no matter which one you get, they’ll all be front-wheel drive cars.

Kia Clavis launching details in India We’ve got some inside info saying that the new Kia Clavis petrol version is hitting the scene by the end of this year, with sales kicking off early next year. As for the electric Clavis, it’s slated to roll out around mid-2025. This SUV, designed to fit under 4 meters, is tailor-made for the Indian market, though a few units are destined for overseas too. Thanks to being made locally and its compact size, it should come with a competitive price tag. However, it might cost a bit more than the Sonet, which starts at Rs 7.99 lakh in Delhi.

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